Our Process

Pre-production/ Planning

Your Call Productions starts by talking to you about your event and what the mood, style, and tone of the video will be. What do we want this video to do for you?

Are we remembering one person’s life well-lived? Or are we celebrating a young couple getting married?

Just like your memories, your video slideshow from Your Call Productions will be 100% personal and unique to you.

Once we know the general style of the video we can discuss the overall length. Whether you need an hour or a minute, Your Call Productions will create a video that you will be proud to display and eager to watch over and over.

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Acquisition/ Digitization

All you need to do is choose which photos you’d like to include in your slideshow and Your Call Productions will do the rest.

Whether you have a shoebox full of old prints, precious framed paintings, or a computer and smartphone full of digital images, Your Call Productions will handle the digitization process with dignity and care.

If you’d prefer to scan and send us your physical photographs that can be arranged, or we can digitize them for you in our studio with professional-grade equipment.

All of your images will be stored in a password-protected Google Drive folder which you can contribute to as you find and sort through your photographs. At the end of the project you will also come away with the digital images of all your pictures. Those are yours to keep forever along with the video.

We can also provide digital storage for your images upon request. This makes it easier to start your next project with us.

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How will we tell your story?

If you know the order in which you’d like the images to play out let us know. If not, we can randomize them, group them by subject matter, or do our best at a rough chronological order.

Maybe you know what songs you want and we can let the music decide the flow of images.

And one more thing:

Because these slideshows are used for private events we are free to use copyrighted music!

Bring back the past with the sounds of your favourite artists!


Once all the images are in place, and the music and story decided, leave it up to us to assemble your video slideshow in approximately 72 hours. Using professional-grade editing software, we can time the pictures with the music, mix the audio, and use modern-looking transitions between sections.



Have no fear about technical difficulties on your big day!

Your Call Productions can deliver the final video in a variety of formats and will even contact the venue to make sure your video is in their hands early and that it plays back properly.

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